We can:

  • Organize and review bills and schedule payments – We do not sign checks
  • Arrange for direct deposit of checks and monitor monthly deposits
  • Coordinate with other professionals for needed services
  • Assist in developing a plan for preservation of assets – We do not sell investments
  • Arrange gifts to children, grandchildren, and charities
  • Prepare and submit tax forms for household employees and caregivers
  • Evaluate options for long-term care insurance
  • Analyze the feasibility of life settlement on existing life insurance
  • Compare the results of the sale of a residence or renting a residence to improve cash flow
  • Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages in obtaining reverse mortgages
  • Administer trusts and estates
  • Manage property investments, such as rental properties
  • Ensure prompt deposits and appropriate bill payment
  • Prepare various reports on monthly financial activity
  • Review activity in investment accounts
  • Prepare monthly budget of income and expenses
  • Prepare a calendar of important family events, birth dates, and anniversaries
  • Prepare financial organizer (Executor’s Handbook)