A.  Letter to executor (or spouse) with details regarding estate, important documents, personal property, safe deposit box, etc.
B.  Checklist of things to be done to settle estate
C.  Will 
D.  Funeral arrangements
E.  Obituary
F.  Contacts with attorney, accountant and advisors
G.  Contacts with life insurance companies
H.  Contacts with Social Security Service
I.    Contacts with banks and other financial institutions 
J.   Contacts with brokers
K.   Latest personal financial statement – assets (including stocks and bonds)  and liabilities
L.   List of important addresses and telephone numbers
M.  Copy of last federal tax return
N.   Notes and memos
O.   Business disposition (if applicable)
P.   Living Will
Q.   Credit cards
R.   Series E, EE and H Bonds
S.   Pension and Life Insurance
T.   Property Insurance

Note: The information developed in this organizer is for educational purposes and to be used to assist the executor or 
attorney in settling the estate of the client.

Example Page #1 – Executor’s Handbook


Example Page #2 – Executor’s Handbook


Example Page #3 – Executor’s Handbook


Example Page #4 – Executor’s Handbook


Example – Income & Expense Report


Example – Monthly Check Register

check reg

Example- Monthly Summary of Broker Account